I am a 15-year Fort Collins resident, local small business owner, and long-time community enthusiast who has been involved in a number of community activities, including:

- Vice Chair City Parking Board

- City Works 101, Citizens' Police Academy

- Larimer County 101, Citizens' Sheriff's Academy

- Governor Hickenlooper's TBD Colorado

- Homeowners' Association Board Member

- United Way Board Bank Training

- City and Northern Water Tours

- Contributor to various City Projects (BOB2, Climate Action Plan, Economic Health Strategic Plan, Foothills Mall, Nature in the City, Smart Meters, Urban Agriculture, West Nile, Zero-Waste, etc.)

My wife, Vera, and I have been married for 25 years. Our oldest daughter, Sarah, is a cadet at the United States Air Force Academy. Our youngest daughter, Betsy, is a freshman in high school. My family also has a long history of serving the community at Church, City Youth Board, Key Club, Murphy Center, National Honor Society, SAINT Advisory Board, Teen Science Cafe, Tobacco Free Larimer County, and more.


After years of affecting positive change from the outside, a number of things all came together in the last week of nominations to inspire me to run for mayor and affect positive change from the inside.

The most significant events involved the number of complete strangers thanking me for my participation, reaching out to me for help with strategies, and one person who trusted me to represent his questions despite the fact that there were three declared candidates in the room.

When opportunity knocked and told me that the mayor's most important job is to inspire the citizens, most of whom are complete strangers, to trust their government, I accepted the community's nomination to take my civic participation to the next level.


Sustainable Government promoting Economic Health built on a solid foundation of honoring Human Rights and Environmental Protection.

Affecting positive change through low-cost high-impact solutions that bring our community together.

Government that focuses on high-level strategic objectives and downside risk management while staying out of the way of upside potential.

Low-overhead high-impact solutions.

Eliminating bureaucracy.

Embracing the connected information age through process improvements using the "new power, bottoms up" model, when it is the right tool for the job.

Representing the people!

- By NOT keeping my opinion secret to the last minute.

- By NOT keeping you guessing where I stand on an issue.

- By NOT pushing my personal belief on you.

It is my job to let you know where I stand so that you can bring the missing scientific and human-factors data to the table to help create a better community-based solution.


Finding solutions that bring our community together.

- For example, I have coined the terms "Climate Change Champion" and "Climate Change Challenger" to inspire friendly competition and respect between the two extremes of the climate issue.

Encouraging a diversity of representation during project development.

- For example, when developing new economic policy it is critical to have both business leaders and those that fell through the cracks of the previous solution present. It is also critical that people impacted by non-city policies, such as the "cliff-effect," participate, otherwise good intentions can have unintended collateral damage.

Bringing some consensus building tools into the public input process.

- The traditional process has three states, "YES," "NO," and "NEUTRAL." The process tends to dismiss the NO and bring NEUTRAL to YES. Unfortunately this divides our community by eliminating the middle-ground.

- In the consensus building model the states are, "SUPPORTER," "BLOCKER," and "CONSENTER." The process attempts to move BLOCKERS to CONSENTER by addressing the root cause of the block, decreasing the distance between the extremes, and thus bringing our community together.


I spend my volunteer time and dollars supporting and/or promoting the following organizations.

- 350.org

- Bridges Out of Poverty

- Circles Larimer County

- Drive Electric Northern Colorado

- Family Leadership Training Institute

- Fort Collins Coalition for Infrastructure

- Fort Collins Community Action Network

- Fort Collins Sustainability Group

- Homeward 2020

- Murphy Center

- Northern Colorado Social Legislation Network

- Save the Poudre

- Save the Stadium Hughes

- Stop the Stadium

- Sustainable Living Association

Obviously I am not an active member of all of these groups, but where I am not an active member, they have my respect and support.


[Limit $100 per individual or joint account. Must be U.S. Adult Citizen]


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