"No experience in public service" -- Public service is typically considered a position elected by the people or directly appointed by an elected board. Thus, as Vice Chair of the City's Parking Board, I do have public service experience. In fact, the current council approved my appointment to the board unanimously and the board approved by position as Vice Chair unanimously.


"untested on the issues" -- As the leader of the successful bag-fee repeal, I've passed the test. Unlike the stadium and other issues, that keep coming back, the bag-fee is dead. Council even ordered the City Manager not to bring back further bag fees and quoted my statement that we needed low cost, high impact solutions.

Further, I've been proven to be on the right side of:

Fracking -- Successful petition.

Asphalt -- Petition didn't succeed, but exposed permit violations that got government on our side.

Panhandling -- City had to settle with ACLU for a loss.


"Unwilling to support expansion of local companies" -- I've said many times that JAX, Forney, and Valley Steel were good uses of economic health dollars. I support smart growth and oppose corporate welfare. I support solutions that create a rising tide to float all Fort Collins business ships. I do not support the government picking the winners and the losers.


"Opposes smart water storage solutions, says water projects are dinosaurs" -- I don't oppose water projects, I oppose outdated water projects based on obsolete technology. When NISP was first conceived dial land-line phones were the the proven technology. Would you buy a dial land-line phone today? Of course not. Likewise, reservoirs have been superseded by proven technologies such as gray water, rains barrels, raw water, and on-site water storage. I support growth paying its own way with these technologies instead of all water customers paying for growth through higher rates for all and a bigger government bureaucracy.


"Wants to outlaw plastic" -- I've said that polyethylene is the environmental threat and we need a polyethylene protection plan. The core of my "baseline for discussion" is increased single-stream recycling (not outlawing plastic) and replacing fossil fuel plastics with biodegradable plastics. I even demo'd how bio-plastic bags are better than polyethylene bags at council one night during the bag-fee issue. I've also suggested that we consider polyethylene impact fees as part of a "cradle to grave" policy as right now the environmental damage done by polyethylene in the waste stream and associated cleanup is covered by tax payers. It should cost less to keep polyethylene out of the environment than to cleanup it up. Tar Creek in Picher Oklahoma, the EPA first Superfund cleanup sight is so toxic, they gave up on cleaning it up and condemned the entire town.


"put strict restrictions on your trash" -- True to the extent the City has an approved "Zero Waste Plan" and my "baseline for discussion" is a proposal to limit residential curb-side volume to 32-gallons a month over the next 5-10 years, by increasing the amount of single-stream recycling. My plan is not trash limits for the sake of trash limits, but to make the landfill and roads (each trash truck does 1200-1400 cars of damage) last longer, thus saving taxes for both people and businesses. We cannot afford to have a trash, recycle, yard waste, and compost truck drive up every street once a week. Cut 75% of the trash trucks and we won't need ballot Issue 2.


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