I am NOT planning to any yard signs at this point. I am doing my part in to reduce polyethylene environmental contamination by avoiding single-use election signs. Instead, I urge my supporters to use the materials in the PR section below. Print, distribute, and display LAWFULLY in high traffic areas WITH PERMISSION OF THE PROPERTY OWNER. If you do not have access to a color printer, contact me, I have supplies on-hand.


These are PDF's ready for color printing.

Window Sign (single-sided)
Promo Page (double-sided)

These are JPG's ready for web-linking. These are full-size images. Be sure to use the "height" and "width" attributes to the HTML "IMG" tag to auto-scale the image to the desired size.

Window Sign Image
Promo Image Page 1
Promo Image Page 2


"Signs do not necessarily translate into votes"
"Yard signs are an outdated tool"
"Only 6 to 10 votes per sign"
"Not only does the cost out weigh the benefit, but it tends to become a distraction"


[Limit $100 per individual or joint account. Must be U.S. Adult Citizen]

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