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Victory smiles upon those who anticipate the change, not upon those who wait to adapt themselves after the changes occur -- Giulio Douhet (modified).


My name is Michael Pruznick and I am running for Poudre School Board. My priorities include embracing more effective educational models and improving student-athlete safety, with a commitment to increased financial and environmental sustainability. I have a proven track record of identifying PSD's weaknesses and achieving the appropriate corrective action for my children. As the representative for District A, I will be able to advocate for all students.


In the current PSD model, time-based education, all students continue to the next lesson at the same time, regardless of whether they mastered the material or have gaps that could negatively impact future performance. While this model works well for the administrators and the bureaucracy, it does not serve the needs of the students or teachers. In competency-based education, students work at their own rate, advancing to the next level only after they have demonstrated that they are ready. This model has proven success in many summer learning centers, private schools, and charter schools. Incorporating this option into the PSD portfolio is a critical component to providing a higher quality education at a lower cost.


In the standard model, lectures are given in class and understanding is demonstrated at home where students who struggle have no access to professional teaching resources, resulting in poor performance. In the flipped school model (e.g. Khan Academy), lectures are done at home and understanding is demonstrated in class where a qualified teacher is present to ensure academic success. This model typically incorporates peer-to-peer and mentor-mentee learning, skills that are desired by most employers. Moving to flipped school education will make PSD more efficient and agile while enabling the teachers to better serve the students.


My most controversial priority will be to begin the process of revamping the athletics program to protect athletes from life-long injuries. Scientific data shows football played by the rules using the approved safety equipment causes brain damage and that running sports are causing early deterioration of the knees. PSD's highest duty is to the safety of its students, including its student-athletes. Our choices are simple: Enact safer rules, require better safety equipment, ban the sport, or pay out a huge law suit for failing to act. Other school districts, and some states, are acting on this data, PSD must not delay.


I am running my campaign in a way that demonstrates the sustainability values I will bring to PSD. Financially, I am not accepting cash contributions and limiting my campaign to $99 of my own personal money. Environmentally, I am not using single-use election yard signs. Instead, I encourage my supporters to use word-of-mouth and to display the one-page banner from my web-site, the back of which can be used as scratch paper after the election and before being recycled.


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Please note that I will stop campaigning at 6:00 PM on October 30th so you may enjoy a political-free Halloween weekend.


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