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VoteMikePruz (SUCCESSES)


I have a proven record of success as an expert in the inner workings of the district. For a dozen years now, I've been finding cracks in the system and helping my children successfully navigate these obstacles. With your vote on November 3rd, I'll be in a position to apply my knowledge and experience to improving PSD processes for all students.


  • Fossil Ridge High school has failed to keep its service academy appointments plaque up to date since 2012.
  • Numerous attempts to get this plaque updated over the past 18 months have failed.
  • Ironically, the district had enough time and money to keep the BOE plaque and the PSE (administrators union) plaque in the lobby of the district office up to date, clearly showing the board's priorities -- administrators before students.
  • However, today, the plaque was finally updated. Again, I received no credit or acknowledgment for keeping the pressure up and making this happen, but I did thank the BOE for making this happen.
  • To the best of my knowledge, it was the letter below that finally got the plaque updated today. As you can see from the letter below, I am waiting for an official verification.
  • CONFLICT DISCLOSURE: Yes, that is my daughter's name on the plaque. Yes, I have a selfish motive. Yes, I'm a proud parent (and so is my wife). Yes, as a BOE member, I will show this same commitment to all. SERVICE BEFORE SELF!!!
  • (BOE Request)
  • (Last Request)
  • (My Thank You)
  • (Plaque (large))
  • (Plaque (close-up))


  • This success shows one of the most important reasons that I am the best candidate for the position. By applying what I learned at FCPA (Fair Campaign Practices Act) training, I was able to determine that PSD was unfairly using public resources to promote incumbents over non-incumbents and affect the appropriate corrective action within 24-hours.
  • Despite the fact that the current leadership has had access to this training for the last 2-8 years, it was my data analysis and critical thinking skills that found and resolved this problem.
  • With Michael Pruznick on the board, PSD will develop better solutions faster.
  • (Before, just incumbents)
  • (After, all candidates)
  • (Complaint)
  • (Response)
  • (Follow-up)


  • One day, my daughter came home from school telling me that she got a "W" on her transcript for a schedule change. I knew this was wrong so I gave her a few hints about looking up the policy to understand why. This led her down a path that resulted in her filing a formal grievance and winning her case.
  • I have the letter hanging on my wall of honor. This is where I document all the cases where the law picked a fight with me and the law lost.
  • Below is the actual letter with personal information and details redacted for privacy reasons.
  • (W removed letter)


  • In this case we were changed excessive fees at check-in.
  • The fee was not listed as optional and after standing in line for some time, the school took advantage of the situation by threaten that the fee had to be paid.
  • This refund shows how my being an expert on the inner workings of the district allowed me to protect my family from district abuse.
  • How many others are victims without knowing. With Michael Pruznick on school board, this fraud will stop.
  • I encourage all families that were bullied into paying this fee to demand their refund.
  • (Refund)


  • In this case our daughter was identified at GT in middle school, but dropped when she transferred to high school.
  • This is the letter with personal information redacted shows our reinstatement.
  • Being an expert in the inner workings of the district has protected my child. Just imagine all the students I could help with an official board position.
  • (GT Reinstatement)


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