Michael Pruznick for Mayor
Michael Pruznick for Mayor
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Government for Government
This video shows both Mayor Troxell and Mayor Pro Tem Horak have lost sigh of government for the people and have embraced government for the government.

In the first segment they are talking about taking property under eminent domain. Taking it for the government's own interest is wrong. Taking for the common good is allowable.

In the segment they are talking about short-term rental. In no case should collecting taxes be more important than the safety of the occupant.

As required by the oath of office: Colorado Constitution, Article II, Bill of Rights, Section 1, "All political power ... is instituted solely for the good of the whole" [Not good of the government]
Homeless Show
The new and old ordinances suffer from the same problems. This is a show, not a solution.
Budget Comments
Here are budget comments that show both my pre-election knowledge and involvement. Watch the whole videos, in fact watch the all the 2016 video and count home many times each see each non-incumbent candidate. I didn't see Kwon at all, I saw Elizabeth once at the 2016-11-01 meeting, I saw myself so many times I lost count.

Elect the challenger that is actively involved for years, not the ones that have just been watching from the sidelines.
Urban Self-Sufficiency
I've been trying to get this message across for some time. Since the powers that be won't listen, I must become one of the powers that be.
Ignite Fort Collins
Michael Pruznick for Mayor $25
Michael Pruznick for Mayor
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